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Rowlands Gill Pet Boarding


Little Pet Hotel

 Hop Inn...

Based in quiet surroundings your pet will enjoy private accommodation, access to runs, unlimited hay and plenty of fresh, local, organic produce from the veg patch and the Paddock, High Spen

Please ensure that your pet is brought in a secure carrier (not cardboard) and bring along a signed copy of our Terms & Conditions

Drop off & collection is  either 10am or 6pm Monday - Saturday


Please let us know if you are  running late there is a £3 late fee



Guinea Pigs


Exotic Pets

Nail Trimming

Rabbits must be fully vaccinated

We require the following vaccinations:

1- Nobivac Myxo-RhD vaccine

2- RVHD-2 vaccine


1. Will my pet(s) come into contact with other people's pets? 

No, your pet (s) will have it's own private quarters.

2. Do rabbits need to be vaccinated? Yes, for your pet's own safety we ask that rabbits are upto date with their vaccinations- if you can't find your record card just give your vet a call they'll be able to help

3. If my trip is delayed can I book my pet in for an extra night?

Don't panic if you are away and can't get back in time for your agreed date. We will of course take care of your pet until you get back.

Rowlands Gill Pet Boarding, 

Rowlands Gill, NE39 2JA

07960 90 43 92

[email protected]